Canoeing & Wamego’s Riverfront Park


Stretching 171 miles from its origin in Junction City to where it joins with the Missouri River in Kansas City, the Kansas River makes for prime paddling adventures between Manhattan and Wamego.


Sandbars on the Kansas River

Stop and explore the sand for old glass bottles, animal bones, and bank swallows’ nests.  Gather up driftwood, build a fire and set up camp for the night.  Just make sure you settle in on high ground, and not on an island.  You don’t want to wake up to find the river at your toes – or worse.

Local Access Points

Junction City: K-18 (Grant Ave. Park) bridge

River Mile: 173
GPS: N39.06036 W96.80337

Ogden: Ogden bypass bridge (300 yds downstream from bridge)

River mile: 163.4


Hwy 177 Bridge: (Fairmont Park Boat Ramp) in Manhattan (15 miles driving from Wamego and 20.5 miles from Wamego on the river)

River Mile: 150.7     

GPS:  N39.17450  W96.55358


Blue River Tributary Access (Lanier Park): Outskirts of Manhattan (12 miles driving from Wamego and 19.5 miles on the river)

River Mile:  147.5     

GPS:  N39.19159  W96.53734


St. George “Boggs Landing” River Access Park (seven miles driving from Wamego and nine miles on the river)

River Mile: 137

GPS: N39.18701 W96.42172


Wamego Riverfront Park and Access Ramp

The boat ramp was completed in 2008 and now includes picnic areas, restrooms and a parking area.  It serves as an excellent place to start, break or end point for those traveling along the river. The access point is located on the south side of Wamego under KS 99.

River Mile: 128.5

GPS: N39.19797 W96.30510


Belvue: Shoeman Rd. bridge (steep bank climb)

River Mile: 119

GPS: N39.20282 W96.17591


Half-day Canoe River Trip

If you are looking for a half-day canoe river trip, local canoe-trip guru, Dave Karnowski has the perfect half-day route that is 8 miles and takes 4-5 hours.

Start at the ramp in St. George, break at a few sandbars along the way, and end at the ramp in Wamego. Dave says this is a very pretty stretch of the river, and if you go around Memorial Day weekend, you’re almost guaranteed good water, gorgeous weather and minimal bugs.


Canoe Rental Locations

Double T's Snack Shack & Canoe Rental

St. George, KS  785-494-8081

            $25/day Kayaks & $35/day Canoes

             Transportation available for extra fee



Tuttle Creek State Park (20 miles from Wamego)


$5/hour, $20/day for canoes, kayaks and paddle boats.

Rent five or more canoes at $4/hour, $15/day.

Available for rent during the warm season.


5800 River Pond Rd

Manhattan, KS 66502


For more information:

Tuttle Creek State Park

(785) 539-7941


Kansas State University Recreation Services (16.7 miles from Wamego)


$12 / 2 days, $16 / 3 days, trailers available.

Current K-State ID must be presented.


101 Peters Rec Complex

Manhattan, KS 66506


For more information:

K-State Recreation Services

(785) 532-6980 / 6894


Fort Riley Outdoor Recreation Center (33.7 miles from Wamego)


$14/day, $25/weekend.

Group discounts available.

Current military ID card must be presented.


1806 Buffalo Soldier Dr

Junction City, KS 66441


For more information:

Fort Riley Outdoor Recreation Center

(786) 239-2363 ext. 6368

*Prices are subject to change so call for most up-to-date information.


Safety resources and float trip information

Friends of the Kaw is a Kansas River watch-dog group located in Lawrence, Kansas. Its mission is to protect and preserve the Kansas River.  Friends of the Kaw also offers educational river experiences for groups of 16 to 20 people at a time.


The group also serves as a safety resource for the Kansas River and suggests these safety reminders:

  • Make sure you’re in good health
  • Always wear a life vest
  • Beware of dangerous objects in the river like trees, fishermen’s hooks and debris

For more advice and info on guidelines:

Laura Calwell, Kansas Riverkeeper

(785) 312-7200

HOURS Varies
PRICE $5.00-$15.00
PHONE (785) 312-7200
ADDRESS Varies upon access point
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